Auto Electrical Service in Goleta, CA

Auto Electrical Service in Goleta, CA
Auto Electrical Service

Each vehicle on the road has an electrical system which helps to keep the automobile running. Most people know that their vehicle has a battery, but aren’t sure how it works. In fact, the battery actually works in conjunction with the starter and alternator. The battery provides electrical current to the ignition and fuel systems before the vehicle is started, and to the starter in order to get the vehicle “started” and ready to drive. The alternator keeps the battery charged and is also a key component of the electrical system. Auto electrical service is important because with a faulty battery, starter, or alternator, your vehicle might not even turn on!

Some Warning Signs:

  •         Your engine has trouble getting started
  •         Your vehicle needs a jump to get started
  •         Your alternator light is lit on the dashboard
  •         A burning smell
  •         Battery is dead
  •         Grinding noise coming from hood

Electrical System Repairs You Can Trust

Your vehicle can get the auto electrical service that it needs from ATG’s Auto Repair! Our team’s technicians are all ASE-Certified with years of experience on the job. That gives them the skills necessary in order to run diagnostics on your electrical system to pinpoint the exact issue.

Let our team figure out how to get you back on the road quickly and safely. You can’t get better auto electrical service than the repairs offered by our ATG Auto Repair team!

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