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At ATG Auto Repair, we understand the needs of those who have diesel automobiles. Our ASE-Certified staff works with diesel vehicles such as from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge on a regular basis.

Long Lasting And Affordable Diesel Repair

There are few repair shops in Goleta that can perform diesel repairs. Fortunately, ATG Auto Repair is one of the few that can perform diesel repairs to heavy-duty trucks and passenger automobiles.

At ATG Auto Repair, we provide the diesel repairs that you can trust. Whether you need a small repair such as an oil change, or something bigger, such as an engine or transmission fix, our team of technicians is here to work for you and answer any questions about the process that you might have. We can take care of all of your diesel needs in a timely and effective fashion.

Our staff believes in quality customer service, which is why our testing process is thorough, and which is why we explain the entirety of the repairs process to our customers. If you need a diesel repair in the Goleta area, let our ATG Auto Repair team help you out!

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