Timing Belt Replacement in Goleta, CA

Timing Belt Replacement in Goleta, CA
Timing Belt Replacement

Your vehicle’s timing belt works to keep the pistons and valves synchronized. If the system loses synchronization, then the pistons or valves can be damaged, and the engine can face significant problems. A few warning signs that you have a damaged timing belt include: sudden loss of power while driving, smoke emitting from the tailpipe, and car shaking while driving.

If you’re in doubt, let ATG Auto Repair be your one-stop shop for all of your timing belt repair needs!

Timing Belt Repairs You Can Trust

Our entire staff is ASE-Certified so that you can be certain that you are getting nothing but the best available timing belt repair in the Goleta area. Issues with your timing belt can cause serious long term damage for your vehicle, so we make sure to use the best replacement timing belts, and use precision tools to properly install your timing belt according to your manufacturer specifications.

We strive to be the top auto repair shop in Goleta, and our technicians can answer any questions about the timing belt replacement process.

If you are having issues with your vehicle’s timing belt, give us a call today and schedule an appointment!

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