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Check Engine Light Repair

Your vehicle has a number of different sensors that were built in to monitor internal processes. When the vehicle’s check engine light comes on, that means the sensors have found something wrong—whether it is air flow in the engine or something more critical. If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, don’t let the problem fester. Give ATG Auto Repair in Goleta a call today. Our team has the experience and skill necessary to make sure that your check engine light won’t keep you off the road for long!

Some Warning Signs:

  •         Oxygen sensor needs replacement
  •         Your catalytic converter is having problems
  •         Check engine light is flashing

Check Engine Light Repairs You Can Trust:

If your check engine light is on, don’t ignore it! A check engine light can be indicative of serious engine problems, or it might be something as minor as a cracked gas cap.

But professionals need to evaluate your vehicle’s engine and determine exactly what’s going on. Our ASE-Certified ATG Auto Repair staff has years of experience determining precisely what a lit check engine light means, and what repairs are required to fix the problem. Don’t let a lit check engine light take your vehicle out of commission.

If your vehicle has a lit check engine light, conveniently schedule your appointment online or give us a call!


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